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Seed Funding For Startups

The Mohawk Valley Seed Fund is forming to bring together successful and experienced entrepreneurs who desire to make early-stage, seed round, investments in promising startups.

We will meet regularly to discuss recent Startup News from the Upstate New York investment community and beyond. Hear presentations from pre-screened companies and their startup CEOs, receive member-led status updates on due diligence activities, and join in on strategic relationship building alongside other Upstate investors. The MVSF is keen on only seeing very strong business plans, with qualified management teams who seek to advance high growth, new-economy era, firms.

Members of MVSF will make both group and individual decisions about investments. Some will take active roles in the development of a venture, from management and board activities to helping structure financially sound investment placements.

To learn more about the MVSF, please Contact Us a MVSF contact will respond shortly.

In the near future we'll add an online, business plan, submission platform.


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